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Hot Air Balloon Rides and Champagne Balloon flights are becoming more and more popular here in the United States.  Hot Air Balloons have become considerably advanced over the last 20 years and the Pilots who fly them have spent thousands of hours perfecting their craft.

Today a flight in a Hot Air Balloon can be one of the safest, most thrilling and truly memorable experience you can make.  Thousands of people each year take to the skies aboard these spectacular flying machines.  Many become hooked with this thrilling and sometimes mesmerizing form of flight.

If you have ever wanted to fly in a hot air balloon or if you have flown and would like to fly again in another part of the country you have come to the right spot.  Balloon Ride US has listings of companies offering balloon flights in all parts of the United States.  

You can book your flight directly with the company offering flights in the area you wish to fly. No middle man.  This ensures you get the best rates each company has to offer. You may want to bookmark this site.  You'll be back! 

Just Click on the State where you would like to fly and view our list of PRO's (Professional Ride Operators) available in that state listed by city!  Once you have found a company in the area where you would like to fly just click on their name and book your flight.

It's just that simple.

Pricing information.

Many of our listings do not have pricing information.  We wanted you to understand why that is.  Since ballooning is a weather dependant activity, pricing can vary from region to region.  Many operators offer specials depending on demand and season of year.  To list all these specials would just add confusion to this online resource.  In many areas you will find several PRO's (professional ride operators)

Competition between these operators keep pricing at it's best. We have found pricing to be competitive in each area with pricing varying only about $5 from operator to operator. Pricing nationwide can be anywhere from $160 to $225 per person depending on yearly flight weather in that region. Currently the national average is around $180 per person.

If you have not been on a balloon flight we invite you to visit our testimonials page where you can read the real E-mail letters we get from people just like you after they have flown in a hot air balloon.  Honestly this is how you will feel...and you wont stop talking about it for years and years.  Be Forewarned!  A hot air balloon is an addictive adventure that can not be described in ordinary words..